Monday, April 11, 2011

Organized gangstalking in San Antonio

How many people are targeted in this town? When did you know you were a target? What are the tactics used against you? What have you done to stop this? Who is doing this? Have you had any sucess reporting this to law enforcement? I would like to see if there are any local trends, to correlate to my experience. I have been subjected to harrassment, vandalism, theft, character assanation, loss of health and career, financial loss, energy weapons, poisoning, and rape. For this to be sucessful over a period of time, there has to be a large number of perps willing to participate, and a large network. My experience has been exposure to chemicals, pesticides, as per chemical report. We are tired of being targets, in a game we never signed up to play. This is a war, an evil reflection of a society willing to accept terrorism, in the form of gangstalking. No one deserves to be a target, and be subjected to painful physical symptoms, with no escape. Our tormenters, are judge, jury, and executioner, while we have no access to lawfull recourse. To wonder how you got on the list is normal, but non productive, as the best question, is how  to get off the list, to restore life and liberty. Looking for local stories, and wondering if patterns, and perps are locally based.